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‘Internet and Social Media for Builders’


 This is an awesome resource for any contractor who is still trying to get their head around this whole “online thing.

OK, so I might be biased since I did write a chapter in the book but I still think this is an awesome resource for any contractor, large or small, new or seasoned, who is still trying to get their heads around this whole “online thing.” It doesn’t hurt that $5 of each sale goes to help families through Habitat for Humanity. 

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What is the value of your good work?

The  Santa Cruz Construction Guild (SCCG) was founded in September of 2009. Click on the link and check out this pioneering model. Based on a unique combination of real referrals, a comprehensive mix of trades, a growing and engaged network and a successful online presence with top local search results, the SCCG is a local success story.


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After six years of constant learning and experimentation the Santa Cruz Construction Guild website is undergoing a major remodel from the foundation up to and including the roof.  Click HERE for a confidential sneak preview.

Please be aware that this is still in beta development. Loading time is slow, many of the links may not work, there are spelling mistakes etc….it’s a construction site. But you’ll get the idea.


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Mike White of Big Creek Lumber in Santa Cruz

Mike White was the district manager for Big Creek Lumber when he gave this talk. He has since retired and is happy to spend time with his family.

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